Sarvanaman Vidya Mandir

Educational Facilities

Classroom  Classrooms
Sarvanaman Vidya Mandir has large classrooms that accommodate small strengths of students. This enables students to work in a spacious and hygienic environment, with enough room for every student for her project work.

Apart from being academically well-furnished, our classrooms are bustling with activity that denotes the participation of every learner; the noise here is a creative one. When every pupil is given the opportunity to express herself, we find ourselves an inch closer to our goal of realizing the hidden potential, talent and capabilities of these citizens of tomorrow.

Laboratories  Laboratories and Recreational Arts
The school management is determined to make every part of the syllabus a practical learning experience for the budding scientists and citizens of tomorrow. To realize this aim, we have well-equipped labs like the Physics lab, Chemistry lab & Biology lab, the Mathematics Lab and the Social Science lab, Music learning & practice studio and Art Workshop that provide individual practical experience to the students. We have employed modern-day techniques to enhance and enrich the curriculum with the help of teaching-learning aids that draw upon study and experimental materials, software programmes, art and craft materials as well as all the necessary instruments, equipments and apparatuses.

Computer  Computer Education
Computers are playing an increasingly important role in education, for both the teacher and the student. Computer education is an integral part of the curriculum at SVM where children are taught the use of technology for research, practicing skills in the core subjects as well as to use it for communication purposes.

language  Language Lab
Considering the importance of oratory skills, the school has set up a well-furnished and well-equipped language lab. Students develop their linguistic skills with special focus on pronunciation and accent. They love to listen to their own voice recorded and thereby improve upon their style of speaking.

Audio  Audio-visual Room
The Audio-Visual Room equipped with a 42” wide Plasma Screen, is used for effective presentations of learning resources.

Educomp smartclass  Visiton Educare
SVM offers Vision Educare technology that provides digital material for every subject, thereby offering a wide array of authentically researched information that is presented in the attention-capturing audio-visual media.

Library  Library: Our window to the world of knowledge

The School library houses books, magazines, CD ROMs and VCDs on different subjects to encourage reading and provide training in research methodology, and research through projects.

While our library is a window to the world, pupils have been found expressing their interest in the routine activity of newspaper reading. This day-to-day updating of knowledge and general awareness has helped our students develop a good understanding of the simple metaphysic of this world. Students use this daily event-based learning for their projects, and also while asking challenging questions in the classroom.