SVM provides excellent classroom amenities to enable students to study in a bright, spacious and hygienic environment. The classrooms are designed to create a pleasant ambience for the teaching-learning process. A proper sitting arrangement, digital projection systems and all the necessary high-tech equipment promise an optimal learning environment.

The school has full-time, on-site, certified technician to ensure the smooth functioning of technical equipment. Digital material remains handy for every subject, thereby offering a wide array of authentically researched information presented in interesting ways.

Classroom integrated with Funtoot facilitates learning and practice of Mathematics in a joyful manner. School Auditorium, Audio-Visual Room, Music Room and Art Room facilitate dynamic learning. Apart from enhancing and enriching the curriculum, these facilities make the teaching-learning process a stimulating experience.

Sarvanaman Vidya Mandir


Sarvananman Vidya Mandir believes in culture of excellence. The same is reflected in its various laboratories - Physics, Chemistry and Biology, the Mathematics Lab and the Social Science labs that are furnished with best of equipments and tools. These laboratories provide opportunities for students to observe, explore, experiment and analyse – thereby enabling them to develop a diversity of perspectives and skills.

Computer lab & Library

The computer lab of the school offers most modern comfortable and attractive interior that creates a comfortable and enchanting learning environment for our students. Our state of the art facility is equipped with advanced technology - the most advanced computer hardware available with broadband Internet connections. Besides, there are many educational CDs that students can access and explore.

The school library houses scores of books including course books, encyclopedias and reference books that complement the course studies of the school curriculum. The library also provides books and periodicals that are recreational as well as enhancive to the educational needs and interests of students.

Co-curricular Activities

The school encourages hobbies and talents through diverse and vibrant activities ranging from art and craft, drawing, calligraphy, dramatics, debates, elocutions, quizzes, performing arts and many more. The activities takes place at multiple stages like intra-class, inter-class, inter house, inter school to zonal level.

Aiming at Inculcating the spirit of team-work, leadership and good citizenship, the school promotes extracurricular programs in such a way that these activities and such occasions turn out to be powerfully positive experiences for the student enabling them to have higher levels of commitment and attachment to the society and social causes.

At Sarvnaman Vidya Mandir the vibrant celebrations of festivals and special days are a sight to behold. These spectacular celebrations convey a sense of culture, unity irrespective of religion, caste or creed, and a respect for ethnicity.

Sports and Games

Sports and various games are an important part of the school’s co-curricular program. Students of the school have excelled in numerous games, bringing home a large number of trophies won at the cluster and district levels. The school has been represented at the national levels in many sports events. The Anural Sports Meet is one of the most looked forward to events characterized with passionate inter-house competitions and a fervor to excel individually and for the sake of the Houses.

Students get specialized coaching in games like Basket Ball, Volley Ball and Kho-Kho. The students are trained for Yogic exercises and a number of field and track events by well-trained lady Physical Instructors.

Lush green park and the playgrounds of the school are right place to relax and unwind. Different rides set up in the park provide students with a comfortable environment to play.


The hostels are designed and furnished well to provide the best of comfort and convenience to the students. The school caters to all aspects of personal health and hygiene of the students.

Moreover, the management specifically ensures that healthy and clean environment in the school campus is maintained throughout.

SVM has modern sophisticated public address system as well as video projection system. Students enjoy movies and inspirational serials on weekends projected on a wide screen backed with hi-fi sound system.

Medical Care

The school provides round the clock medical facility for students. Besides, all the students undergo scheduled medical checkup by experts and renowned doctors during the year.

Trained and dedicated medical staff takes punctual follow-up of post medical check-up instructions. Additionally, dietary measures are also ensured.

Security Services

Security Services

The school places an extra emphasis on the safety measures of the students. There is a comprehensive CCTV camera network all over the school campus along with vigilant security guards stationed round-the clock at strategic spots to guard the overall safety and security.

Dining Facilities

The school food menu is known for its balanced nutritious plans that also successfully cater to the palate of children. The hygiene and quality standards are rigorously enforced and maintained in the kitchen and the dining hall.

A mineral water plant provides pure water round-the-clock through multiple outlets across the campus.