Sarvanaman Vidya Mandir

Recreational Facilities

Classroom  Wide Screen Theatre System
SVM has a modern sophisticated public address system as well as a video projection system. Movies are screened once a week on a wide screen with a hi-fi sound system.

Classroom  Playgrounds
Lush green lawns and playgrounds of the school offer a cheerful and healthy environment for the students to relax, unwind and play.

Classroom  Trips and Excursions
Trips and excursions not only fulfill the need of recreation but also offer comprehensive learning experiences. Various trips and excursions are organized for this purpose that helps students learn through observation and analysis along with fun and pleasure.

Classroom  Sunday Activities
Sunday morning is devoted to ‘Sabha’ – a get-together for spiritual talk that imparts values of culture and spirituality.

Sunday is also the activity-day where students are also taught a variety of art and craft activities to develop their talents for productive, creative and artistic pursuits. This is to encourage and inculcate interest in activities that students could adopt as hobbies.

Students are also taught household chores like table-setting, salad-dressing, ‘chapati’-making – skills that any mother would want her daughter to learn and master.