Sarvanaman Vidya Mandir

Residential Facilities

Classroom  Hostel
The dormitories are designed to assure the comfort of home. A total of eleven students share a room and are under the care of a mentor didi. Each room has attached washrooms. The dorms are spacious, with lots of air and light.

There is a comfortable bed and a wardrobe for each child. The facilities provided in the children’s hostel rooms cater to their needs in a comfortable environment.

The mentor-didis take care of the daily needs of children in the hostel. These mentor-didis also take care of spiritual activities like sitting with students for prayers in the morning ‘pooja’, and narrating moral incidents and stories to imbibe spiritual values in children.

Laboratories  Medical Care
The School has a well-equipped medical unit that provides round the clock care for students. A visiting doctor attends to the ailing needs of students. The students also undergo regular medical checkups by doctors specializing in different medical fields.

Computer  Safety and Security
A strict and vigilant security service staff ensures safety of the campus round the clock.