Sarvanaman Vidya Mandir

Social Development

Social awareness programs are arranged periodically in order to develop a sense of social responsibility in the students. They are given training of citizenship and leadership through different projects in social sciences.

Field trips, excursions and tours to places of social and historic significance are important features on the annual planner. Through these educational tours, students develop skills of observation, organization, journal-writing and team-work.

Personality development courses are also held for the students. Special workshops are conducted to help students overcome stage-fear and nervousness. These workshops also help them develop social interaction skills.

Public Speaking
Students are trained in the art of effective communication and articulate expression through activities of Recitation, Elocution, Extempore Speech and Debates.

The students are grouped into four Houses:

1. The Kalpana Chawla House

2. The Marie Curie House

3. The Rani Laxmibai House

4. The Sharada Devi House

These Houses are dedicated to extraordinary women who stand out in the history of womanhood with their distinctive accomplishments. They personify the heights of achievement that feminine potential can attain, and therefore will always be revered as beacons of inspiration. They represent fields that range from science and technology to patriotic valor and devotional spirituality.

Students develop a healthy sense of competition along with the values of faith and integrity with this system of Houses. The Inter-House Contests create an atmosphere of intense competition where the participating students are cheered and rooted for victory by the House members. Each House is assigned mentor-teachers who supervise and co-ordinate the competitive activities.