Sarvanaman Vidya Mandir

Yogi Divine Society

The school is managed by Yogi Divine Society - a socio-religious, charitable organization founded in 1974 by H.D.H. Hariprasad Swamiji. It is named after H.D.H. Yogiji Maharaj, the fourth spiritual successor of Lord Swaminarayan. Over the years, it has rapidly grown into an international organization with a series of welfare projects being operated from its numerous centers based in India and abroad.

'Faith', 'Sect', 'Religion' - are terms associated with the spiritual journey leading to the Supreme Godhead. Although seemingly different in their practices, all the religions of the world advocate similar principles for a revival of the spirit towards divinity. The Swaminarayan Faith is a remarkable blend of the spiritual essence of Hinduism with the universal principles of other religions of the world.

The principle of a harmonious existence termed - "Vasudaiv Kutambakam" in the Hindu philosophy is akin to "Love thy neighbor as thyself" - as advocated in The Bible. This vision is expressed as "Suhradbhav" (Universal Brotherhood) in the Swaminarayan philosophy.

Swaminarayan Faith advocates - "Service unto Mankind and Devotion unto God" as the means of attaining the ultimate spiritual liberation. The absolute lack of discrimination between caste, color, creed or sect highlights the universal appeal of this Faith.

Lord Swaminarayan - the founder of this faith - has propagated a code of conduct based on a unique creed of spiritual principles that paves the path of the ultimate spiritual salvation and moulds the spirit towards divinity.